Monthly Update: The Best Summer Ever (July)

It just seems like these months are flying by. One after the other. Sometimes I look into the rearview mirror and sit back with amazement at how far I’ve come. Like “wow, I can’t believe this is actually real” and how not too long ago, “happy” wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary. This happens somewhat often, I step… » 7/02/15 1:29pm 7/02/15 1:29pm

Boy one day, girl the next. Transitioning in your professional life.

Of all the stories out there about becoming Trans and its impact on life, there are surprisingly few stories about the logistics of beginning to live life as another gender. You have to come out to your workplace, come out to any educational institution, then eventually go through a huge gatekeeping process to legally… » 3/20/15 11:58am 3/20/15 11:58am