Updates to My Transition Diary

Good afternoon everyone! So with Gawker’s recent announcements about the uncertain future of Kinja, I have decided to start archiving my diary off-site. I’ll still be a writer here for as long as physically possible, but it would be nice for me to archive my posts as I continue my journey. As of current, if Kinja died… »11/17/15 6:19pm11/17/15 6:19pm


Trans TV and Movies! September 2015

Well, the summer is over! The year of 2015 saw quite a few large issues make progress. Same sex marriage is now legal (so now it’s just called “Marriage”, right?), there is a real estate developer running for President (and doing well), and most relevant to people like me: The Transgender movement is taking flight.
»9/28/15 12:25pm9/28/15 12:25pm

I...Don't Know How to Feel About This. :/

I started presenting female at work back in January. The work transition process was led by me and involved informational meetings, Q & A (in which nobody asked any questions), policy updates, as well as the very important note that I have the *right* to use the women’s restroom (discrimination by gender identity is… »8/14/15 12:17pm8/14/15 12:17pm

Monthly Update: The Best Summer Ever (July)

It just seems like these months are flying by. One after the other. Sometimes I look into the rearview mirror and sit back with amazement at how far I’ve come. Like “wow, I can’t believe this is actually real” and how not too long ago, “happy” wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary. This happens somewhat often, I step… »7/02/15 1:29pm7/02/15 1:29pm