I’ve had health insurance for the entirety of my transition, and aside from a few times where I’ve had to pay about $70, the cost of my Hormone Replacement Therapy has been about a few dollars a month.

Unfortunately, now that I’m 26 I no longer have access to the awesome insurance my dad has and I now have to pay my own way.


My new plan isn’t too bad, it isn’t as insane as “get any prescription you want for pennies on the dollar”, but my monthly cost for hormones should be $50 or less. Or you know, if Walgreen’s weren’t so incompetent and incapable of doing their one job. If I’m not going a month without prescriptions because they “lost” my refills, they’re overcharging me because they don’t know how to charge insurance.

Now they’re trying to charge me full price for my hormones because they don’t know how to change to my new insurance company. *Sigh*

You can see on this screenshot that they keep trying to charge my old insurance company for the Estradiol and have completely given up on the other prescriptions. Maybe if you charged my new insurance? I wish Walgreen’s didn’t effectively have a stranglehold on pharmacies in Illinois, I seem to not have any luck with any of them and going without hormones for a few days (let alone a month) is pretty awful.


ETA: Thankfully my new insurance offers home delivery so I hopefully shouldn’t have to worry about Walgreen’s ever again.

At any rate, this was pretty eye opening. I asked what the full non-insurance cost would be. A month’s worth of hormone therapy has a value of about $270 without insurance. That’s quite literally the price of my car payment!


Mind you, I have the advantage of a body that naturally has less testosterone and more estrogen than the average genetic male, so my dosages are actually lower than many trans people (including all the trans people I personally know). The trans people who can get away without blood pressure pills (Estradiol raises your blood pressure) will have a cheaper cost, but not by a whole lot.

A lot of America’s trans people aren’t on insurance and are living in poverty/living paycheck to paycheck. I know some people will dismiss that for whatever reasons they have, but transphobia holds a lot of us back. And for those of us who are POC and trans? It’s a double whammy of difficulty, to say the least. I can’t imagine $200+ on top of whatever it takes to keep one afloat. It blows my mind that decent healthcare the richest country in the world is merely a privilege.