The Ride of a Lifetime.

Alright kids! I decided to host my build thread on my own personal diary page. I mean it’s about time I put some car stuff on my own Kinja, right? :) Anyway, I finally decided to crunch the numbers to figure out just how much each stage is going to cost me.

Now remember, one of the bigger goals of this project is low cost. I like inventing my way out of paying big bucks for projects, from phones to cars. Also remember, this isn’t happening until 1 week from today, with a completion date of, right before fall.


So, let’s start! I decided to tally up my costs. Certainly they may change as I put it all together and time goes on.


Bar - $20
6" rally lights for bar - $20
6" rally lights for lower grille - $40


Winch - $90
Mounting Plate - $15

Spare Tyre:

Curt Mount - $85
Steelie with Tyre - +/- $70

Lift Kit:

Daystar Lift - $320
Installation & alignment - $???_______________________________
$320 + $???



No spacer: Snow or All Seasons - $275.

With Spacers: All Terrains - $315 (I have sources for cheap tyres and spacers)

With Spacers, I’ll also need two rear wheels for the front - $300.


$275 minimum

Total Estimated cost: $935 (before installation of lift kit and without spacers). So, it’s likely in its fullest form, my project will exceed my budget.


Now, the lift is likely the last thing I’m going to do, so I could lock down the basic concept for about $600 total.


I need some help with tyres. I can’t find any all terrains that fit the smart. The smallest I found was 205 width, but the widest my front wheels can fit is 195. I don’t want to have to get spacers and new wheels, at least at first. That’ll murder my budget. Any help here?


Also, lighting. I want the upper grille lights to be 6", should the lower ones be the same size or slightly smaller?

ETA: I’m tossing in a $20 jerry can for style too. :D

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