The Ride of a Lifetime.

I don’t really put my transgender posts on Oppo anymore since getting Cigar Lounge authorship. Sometimes the feedback I used to get is that my posts don’t belong on Oppo. I know Oppo is officially an off-topic blog, but often my posts can go far outside the general automotive theme. Maybe I’m just overthinking this as I do with many things. At any rate, here is a rather heartbreaking story from me today.

In my travels, I’ve often come across many unsympathetic people. These people can vary between simply disagreeing with me on little things like the car I drive or the person I date, to challenging the validity of my existence, to going a step much further and acting with violence and hate.


I have been run off the road (even by a tow truck once), followed home, abused, threatened with death, and now threatened with rape more than any human should ever have to go through. While the cold hard data on these events does not and may never exist, they do happen, regardless of who does or does not want to believe me.

Because of this (and about a million other factors), myself and people like myself cry for some basic humanity, we cry that try your best not to murder us, and not to try to erase us when we ask for something so inconsequential to you, but monumental to us. We may not be many in pure numbers, but that shouldn’t be a means to hate or ignore us either. People get so caught up in the idea that we’re only 0.3% of the US Population that they forget one thing, we’re human too. We just want to live our lives happily and in peace...Though I suppose that’s a bridge too far.

If one ever finds themselves asking these questions - Are transgender people deserving of rights? Are transgender people deserving to be treated with humanity and respect? Should I respect a transgender person’s wishes? Should I continue to write them off as mentally ill? - and the answer to any of those questions is yes, read the article posted below, then ask oneself those questions again...

(Out of respect, I’m not going over the details of the article because they are graphic and...probably don’t need to be dragged out either.)


If those answers are still yes, then look in the mirror for the problem and not at us. And most definitely, please stop murdering us. We...just want to live a happy life.

Furthermore, remember this article every time one wonders why are transgender people are constantly begging to be respected and treated like human beings. This article makes me cry, I still have a hard time believing just how hateful of a world we do live in today. Hopefully, the future is brighter.


(Warning: The story is pretty NSFL, and I’m not kidding.)


In case of Kinja.

My heart pours out for you Ally. You deserved all of the love in the world, not this, not hate. Rest In Peace, you will be missed. ♥

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